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The quota club is an employee incentive program that companies with large numbers of sales people use. Employees and managers set the goals at the beginning of the year. If an employee meets or surpasses this goal they and a guest get to attend an annual meeting, normally held in April, in different places around the world. If a person qualifies for quota club, the management feels that they are doing an excellent job.

What makes Landmark Group and Dino’s Storage different is that 90% of our employees have the ability to qualify for quota club! This includes our support staff and maintenance people. It took us 10 years to put the systems and tracking procedures into place for quota club. Many people ask why quota club is important to our customers - one of Landmark Group and Dino’s Storage core values is that we are cost competitive. To do this we need everyone in the organization to be as productive as possible. Quota club assures that we are productive, thereby keeping our costs down and allowing us to pass benefits along to our clients.
Below are the years that we have been doing the quota club. Click on the location to see photos of our excursions!
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